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Speak Like A Southern West Virginian

Welcome to the Hillbonics: Speak Like a Southern West Virginian Site.

This web site is designed to preserve the speech pattern of southern West Virginia. We are not attempting to ridicule or poke fun at anyone's language use; its purpose is to share the dialectal elements of southern West Virginia. These elements are slowly disappearing from use because of the homogenization of America.

Natives and outsiders have applauded the ideal - er, idea of a web site dealing with our way of talkin'. So pull up a cheer and set a spell and be learned in the art of Hillbonics.

The Hillbonics dialect has its roots in archaic English and Scottish words and phrases. Unique pronunciations are supplied to illustrate the way we say things here in southern West Virginia. Some words are found in dictionaries; however, they are not widely used elsewhere in the United States. Other examples are colloquialisms kept alive by the isolated nature of the mountains. Certain regionalisms, which are found elsewhere in Appalachia, are also included. While southern West Virginia is extensive, not all examples are found throughout the region. The important factor is that they are found somewhere within southern West Virginia.

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The inspiration for the Hillbonics site was a web site dealing with the dialect of Western Pennsylvania called Pittsburghese. Having enjoyed this site, we thought a simular - er, similar site for southern West Virginia would be appropriate. Here it is.

Tammy Toney originated the name "Hillbonics"; we thank her as well as Sharon Bleau, Linda Hickman, Joey Pruitt and others for submitting Hillbonic examples.

Click on the menu, and "we'll be talkin' at ya."

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