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Speak Like A Southern West Virginian

Church Here TonightChurch services are scheduled for tonight. Usually, this is found on signs and not spoken.    Church here tonight - 7 pm.
Come and go with usGoodbye As said by the guests leaving a home    Well, we hafta go -- come and go with us.
Crack the windowRoll down the car window    It shore is hot, crack the window please.
Cut the light onTurn on the light    Hey Billy, cut the light on.
Down in the BackA Back Injury    I won't be at church tonight cause I'm down in the back.
Funny TurnedUnusual To us who live here, we know that "funny turned" refers to a person who is unusual, someone different from most people. Outsiders seem unsure of the meaning and often inquire if being "funny turned" means that a person is humorous.    Bobby is shore funny turned. Submitted by Brenda Perone of Beckley formerly of Arnett.
Gettin' above your raisin'Uppity    Now just cause you got some schoolin', don't you be gettin' above your raisin'.
Goin' Round?
Comin' Round?
An invitation to a person's home for a meal.    We're havin' a get together; goin' round?.
I don't careYes please, I would like some    Do you want some more coffee? I don't care.
Like a Big DogGreatly    Its a rainin' like a big dog.
Mad as FarReally Upset    I'm mad as far because of what happened.
Runnin' Like a Sugar TreeFlowing Profusely    That youngen's nose is runnin' like a sugar tree.
Talkin' At YouTalking to You
Talking with You
   Tonight, I'm a talkin' at you about the my experience in the war.
Up the Side ofAlong Side of    Iffen you peart off to me agin, I'm goin' to warp you up the side of your haid.
Walk Before FolksTo interrupt by your physical presence    The young'ens are to stay in their room and not walk before folks.
Wear You OutTo Vehemently Beat or Spank    Iffen you peart off to me agin, I'm goin' to wear you out.
We'll be Talkin' At YaI'll be Seeing You    We'll be talkin' at you tomorrow.
You better stay with us.Goodbye as said by the host when guests are leaving.    Its been good havin' you and the wife; you better stay with us.
You know what I'm mean.A useless phrase to keep the conversation moving    Well, that was shore a gully washer the other night; iffen you know what I mean.
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