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Speak Like A Southern West Virginian
Nouns, Adjectives and Pronouns

AhrHour    How many ahrs drive is it to Marlington?
AhwntAunt    Ahwnt Ida is on the telephone.
Am-Bew-LanceAmbulance    Quick, call an am-bew-lance.
A-miteA Little    You're lookin' a-mite peak-ed today.
Arthur-itisArthritis    Mamaw's arthur-itis is really actin' up.
AskeeredFrightened    I was askeered so much by that movie that I got chill bumps.
BarBear    Lines, Tagers and Bars; Oh my.
BattreeBattery    Papaw's battree is daid.
BeholdenIn Debt or Owe    I don't want to be beholden to you.
BiggityEgotistical    Ol' Joe is acting biggity agin.
BlinkySpoiled    The sweet milk has gone blinky.
BondoAuto body work    While Bondo is actually a brand name, it has become the generic name for all fiberglass and putty based body filler. Real Bondo is distinguished by the tell-tale pink color found on many vehicles. I've got to slap on some bondo to pass the state inspection.
Book ReadEducated    Johnny's gone to college -- he's book read.
BornedBorn    I'm borned agin.
BriggityEgotistical    Ol' Joe is really briggity.
Briggity BritchesAn epithet for an egotistical person.    Hey briggity britches.
Brother'nBretheran    Dear Brother'n and Sister'n.
ChawA plug of chewing tobacco.    And Papaw gave me sugars with a big chaw in his mouth.
Chill BumpsGoose Pimples or Goose Flesh    I was askeered so much by that movie that I got chill bumps.
CheerChair    Pull up a cheer and set a spell.
ChoirpractorChiropractor    I'm down in the back, so I'm a goin' to the choirpractor.
Clever FolksHospitable    Polly and Joe are shore clever folks.
Co-colaCoca Cola
or any other brown soft drink
   Is that co-cola yourin or mine?
CollarColor    The collar of Mary's dress is blue.
ColtCold    It sure is colt outside.
Crick Creek-usually a river or stream, but always referred to as a crick    Let's go swimmin' in the crick. Submitted by Norma Holdren of Ohio, formerly of Montgomery, Fayette County.
CrickStiffness    I've got a crick in my neck.
CuzintsCousins   Them's our cuzints. Submitted by Norma Holdren of Ohio, formerly of Montgomery, Fayette County.
DaidDead    Papaw's battree is daid.
Decoration DayMemorial Day    We visited the cemetery on Decoration Day.
Doin'sFunction or Activity    Thar's a big doin's down at the church tonight.
Draw-lingDrawing    I don't know if this is a regionalism or not, but the WV Lottery announcer says this frequently. Tonight's WV Lottery daily draw-ling is 3 - 4 - 5.
Dub-ya"W"    My favorite radio station is Dub-ya Q-B-E.
Eat Up
Ate Up
Completely Infected    Papaw's ate up with the cancer.
Elm"M"    The thirteenth letter of the alphabet. Dial Elm for Murder is on TV tonight.
ExtryExtra    Pass me that thar extry pork chop.
FarFire    The whole mountains on far.
Fast TimeDaylight Savings Time    I can't get used to this fast time.
FlooriesFlurries    Is it snowing hard? Nope, just floories.
FlusteredFrustrated    I'm flustered because of that civil service exam.
GrandchurnGrandchildren    Jim Bob, Mary Sue and Billy Joe are my grandchurn.
GritRedneck    Mary Ellen is dating a real grit.
Gully WasherTorrential Rain    Last night, we had a real gully washer.
HaidHead    Mamaw don't got nary a tooth in her haid.
HaintGhost (from haunt)    I'm askeered I'll see a haint.
HardHired    Luke wuz Grampa McCoy's hard hand.
His People
Her People
Relatives    His people come from Wyoming County.
HetUpset    Now don't let it git you all het up 'bout it.
HisselfHimself    Joey built that outbuildin' all by hisself.
HojousHideous    That mean old man is just plain hojous.
HolloweenHalloween    I'm dressing as a haint for Holloween.
IdealIdea    That's a good ideal.
Ink PinPen    Hand me the ink pin.
KinRelated    Jim Bob is kin to me.
KroakieKaraoke   I'm a going out to do some kroakie singin'.
LeastYoungest    Ahwt Betty is Mamaw's least child.
LiberryLibrary    I'm a goin' to the liberry.
LickNot One/Any    Fred doesn't have a lick of sense.
LineLion    Lines, Tagers and Bars; Oh my.
MabscottMascot Used in the Beckley area and probably influenced by the town named after Mabel Scott -- Mabscott    The Shady High School mabscott is a tager.
MamawGrandmother    We're goin' to Mamaw's house.
MeemawGreat-Grandmother    Meemaw is eighty year old.
MeerMirror    I'd seed myself in that full length meer and I thought I seed a haint.
MessA Lot    Mamaw cooked up a mess o' pinto beans.
MotorAutomobile Engine    Billy burnt up the motor in Papaw's truck.
NeckkidNaked    He was runnin' 'round neckkid.
Oldtimer'sAlzheimer's    Papaw has oldtimer's disease.
Outbuild'nAny Detached Structure    I keep my weedeater in the outbuild'n.
OutsiderA non southern West Virginian    I wouldn't trust him cause he's an outsider.
PacificSpecific    I wanted to know what pacific thing I had to do.
PainterPanther or Mountain Lion    A painter killed our chickens.
PapawGrandfather    Papaw lives up the holler from us.
PartsNeighborhood    Its been a while since he's been in these parts.
Peak-edPale or Sickly    You're lookin' a-mite peaked today.
PeepawGreat-Grandfather    Peepaw is ninety-seven.
PizenPoison    A copperhead is a pizen snake.
Plain SpokenHonest or Genuine    You can trust Billy Joe cause he's plain spoken.
PocaPolka a type of non indigenous music and its corresponding dance found occasionally at weddings    I really like poca music.
PokeA Bag or a Sack    Put my groceries in a poke.
PolecatSkunk    You can smell that polecat a mile away.
Pony-ackPontiac    Daddy drives a Pony-ack.
Put OutAngry or Upset    Ol' He was shore put out 'bout the meetin' at the Babdist church.
QuietusA punishment that will ensure that you are quiet    Iffen you don't hush, I'll put a quietus on you.
QuiteQuiet    Its so quite, you can hear the grass grow.
RampRamp -- a very odious wild mountain leek.    We're a goin' to the ramp dinner.
Red Light
Stop Light
Traffic Signal    Just make a left at the red light up yonder.
Schoolin'An Education    Bob's had some schoolin'.
SimularSimilar    West Virginians are simular to Kentuckians.
Sister'nSisters    Dear Brother'n and Sister'n.
SkittishNervous    Gettin' up in front of folks sure makes me skittish.
Slicky SlideSlide (on a playground)    Bobby Jo fell off the slicky slide.
Slow TimeEastern Standard Time    I can't get used to this slow time.
Smack DabIn the middle of or right on target    And then, Billy hit Jim Bob smack dab in the nose.
SmartsHurts    That really smarts.
SonAn address to any male to whom you are speaking. He doesn't have to be related.    Now son, let me tell you how to paint a house.
Stove EyeElectric Stove Heating Element    You'll get burnt iffen you touch the stove eye.
SpellA while.    Put up a cheer and set a spell.
SpellBeing Lightheaded or Dizzy.    Mamaw! Come quick! Papaw's having' a spell.
SugarsKisses    Come and give Papaw sugars.
SummersetSommersault    Look at the young'ens doin' summersets.
Sweet MilkWhole Milk    Just get ya a big glass of sweet milk.
TagerTiger    Lines, Tagers and Bars; Oh my.
TarredTired    I'm so tarred, I'm plumb wore out.
TatersPotatoes    Hand me them thar taters.
Land Turtle    Ahwtn Ida ran over a terrapin.
TharThere    Thar's a pizen snake quilled up over yonder.
TharsHis / Hers    That last piece of cornbread is thars.
TejousTedious    Cleaning out the outbuild'n is tejous work.
Thee-aterTheatre    We're gwin to the movie thee-ater.
Them TharThose    Hand me them thar taters.
The WifeMy Wife or Your Wife    I got to get home to the wife. How are you and the wife?
TobogganStocking Cap    Its a-mite chilly, so wear your toboggan.
TowheadBlonde    Who is that towheaded boy?
Ungyun Onion   Go up to Whal-Marts n' gitsum ungyuns. Submitted by Norma Holdren of Ohio, formerly of Montgomery, Fayette County.
Wrastlin'Wrestling    Davy is on the wrastlin' team.
YearYears    Meemaw is eighty year old.
YonderThere    Thar's a pizen snake quilled up over yonder.
Young'ensChildren    I brung the young'ens.
YourinYours    Is that co-cola yourin or mine?
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