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Speak Like A Southern West Virginian
Other Words and Short Phrases

Auntranslated (the article used with a verb)    I'm a goin' to the store. I'm a readin' the newspaper.
Agin'Again    Iffen you peart off to me agin, I'm goin' to whup you.
'AryNot A One    Mamaw don't got 'ary a tooth in her haid.
Atter WhileAfter While    We'll see you atter while.
A WaysA Distance    Sue lives a ways from here.
Blowed UpBlew up
Blown up
   Just then, the outbuildin' blowed up.
Fur PieceA Great Distance    Papaw lives a fur piece from here.
At the Start of
At the Beginning
   Billy was never no good in school from the getgo! Submitted by Donnie Austin of Fayetteville
Hesh upBe quiet    Now young'en, hesh up.
How DoHello From how do you do.    How do friend.
IffenIf    Iffen you know what I mean.
IzzahsoIs that so.    Joe in a wreck; izzahso.
Monday A Week
Tuesday A Week
Next Monday
Next Tuesday
   Mamaw's got a doctor's appointment Monday a week.
NaryNot A One    Mamaw don't got nary a tooth in her haid.
Ought NotBetter Not    You ought not be messin' with my things.
Peart OffSmart Off    Iffen you peart off to me agin, I'm goin' to whup you.
Petered OutExhausted    I'm plumb petered out.
Prit-nearVery Close To from pretty near   That snake was prit-near our front porch.
Ri'chearRight Here    Ahwnt Ida lives up the holler ri'chear.
ShoreSure    It sure is colt outside.
T'aintThere Isn't    T'aint no taters in the poke.
Tuckered OutExhausted    I'm plumb tuckered out.
T'utherThe Other    Its either one or t'uther.
Wore OutWorn Out.    The motor in Papaw's truck is plumb wore out.
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