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Speak Like A Southern West Virginian
Verbs and Adverbs

Actin' UpHurting    Mamaw's arthur-itis is really actin' up.
AgenAgainst    I'm Agen school consolidation.
Bar-LeftTurn or Bear Left   They's a fork in the road up ahead. Bar-left. Submitted by Norma Holdren of Ohio, formerly of Montgomery, Fayette County.
BileBoil    Bile me up some corn mush.
BrungBrought    He brung this all the way from New York.
CarryTake or Drive    I'll carry you to the store.
ChurchedExcommunicated    The Babdists churched Jim Bob.
CipherCoun t    Jimmy can cipher real good.
Clog indigenous flat foot dance steps found in southern WVa    I really like to clog.
ClumbedClimbed    Billy clumbed on to the roof of the outbuildin'.
Cuttin' UpBeing Comedic    Johnny is shore cuttin' up.
DrugDragged    The cat drug a dead mouse in last night.
EtEaten    Have you et yet.
FigguredFigured    He figgured it out hisself.
Has went
Have went
Has gone or Have gone    While past participle forms of irregular verbs cause problems for most folk, this is the most common example of this grammatical error. I have went to the store.
HearedHeard    I heared the wind a blowin' last night.
HoltHold    I got a holt of it.
KindlyNearly    I'm feelin' kindly sick.
LearnedTaught    My teacher learned me real good.
MoseyGo to    I think I'll mosey to the store.
PackCarry    I'm packing a pistol.
PeartWell    I'm feelin' right peart today.
PlumbCompletely    I'm plumb tuckered out.
PooshPush    Mama, Billy pooshed me.
QuairyQuery    He quairied me 'bout my schoolin'.
QuilledCoiled    Thars a pizen snake quilled up over yonder.
ReckonGuess    I reckon I know the answer.
Redd UpClean up    Son, redd up your room.
RetchedReached    I retched and got me some more coffee.
RinchRinse    Iffen you worsh, I'll rinch.
Sangin'Digging up Ginseng    I'm goin' sangin' tomorrow.
SetSit.    Put up a cheer and set a spell.
SpadedSpayed    We had to have the cat spaded.
StoryFib or Exaggerate    You better not be storyin' to me.
StovedStubbed    He caint walk right cause he stoved his toe when he tripped. Submitted by S.A. Feazell of Beckley formerly of Fayetteville
Strollopin'Out Running Around    She was out strollopin' last night.
SummersSomewhere    You kids go summers and sit down! Submitted by Donnie Austin of Fayetteville
ThrowedConfused or Stumped    That question really throwed me.
TookContracted.    Billy took the flu.
WarpBeat or Smack    Iffen you peart off to me agin, I'm goin' to warp you up the side of your haid.
WhupBeat or Spank    Iffen you peart off to me agin, I'm goin' to whup you.
WorshWash    Jimmy git in here and worsh them thar dishes.
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