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Speak Like A Southern West Virginian

AhrntonIronton    Arhnton, Ohio is near Huntington.
Air Conditioned CityBluefield's Nickname This refers to its naturally cool temperatures even in the Summer.    They give out lemonade when the temperature gets above ninety in the Air Conditioned City.
BrammellBramwell    Brammell is near Bluefield.
Capital City
Capitol City
Charleston's Nickname This sometimes incorrectly refers to just the East End where the State Capitol Complex is located.    Charleston is the Capital City.
Ca-nain ValleyCanaan Valley    Thars great skiin' at Ca-nain Valley.
Co GroveCoal Grove    Co Grove, Ohio is next to Ahrnton.
COGSWest Virginia Graduate College acronym of its former name the College of Graduate Studies    COGS moved to South Charleston.
Corridor GUS 119    While the name Corridor G is a correct designation for this Appalachian Corridor Highway, the letter designation is used more than its numerical designation of US 119. It is the only Corridor highway in Southern West Virginia where the letter is used more often than its number. (US 19 is Corridor L; US 460 is Corridor Q).Corridor G links Charleston and Wulmson.
ChapmansvilleChapmanville    Although there is no "S" in this town's name, people often insert one. Chapmansville is in Logan County.
The Crane HoleA deep depression in the ground in which one can swim if it has filled up with enough water    Let's go swimmin' in the crane hole. Submitted by an anonymous Arnett resident
Fet County
Fed County
Fayette County    Fet County is located in southern West Virginia.
Fayetteville    Fetvull is the seat of Fet County.
Four LaneAny 4 Lane Highway    Beckleyans are notorious in defining any four lane roadway in this manner (& there are several in and around Beckley). They also assume that you understand perfectly which four lane they are talking about. Did you see the wreck out on the four lane?
GallipoliceGallipolis    Gallipolice, Ohio is across from Point Pleasant.
The GulfTowns along Winding Gulf in Raleigh and Wyoming Counties    The Gulf is between Sophie-uh and Mullens.
Hard RoadAny Paved Surface    I live up the holler about 2 miles from the hard road.
HollerHollow    Papaw lives up the holler ri'cheer.
HurricanHurricane    Hurrican is a town in Pupmum County.
HunningtonHuntington    Outside of a 1970's TV newscaster who over emphasized the initial "T," most everyone pronounces it this way. Hunnington is in Cabell County.
Kanawha CitySouth Side of Charleston.    Southern West Virginians often incorrectly refer to Kanawha City as South Charleston; South Charleston is actually down the river.
KannoiKanawha    This is one that I heard in the mountains over twenty-years ago; it was used only by the real old timers. I suspect it is not in use anywhere today. Charleston is in Kannoi County.
MACK-Dowell CountyMcDowell County    Welch is in MACK-Dowell County.
Mango CountyMingo County    Tolsa is in Mango County. Submitted by S. A. Feazell of Beckley formerly of Fayetteville.
MarlingtonMarlinton Sorry folks, there is no "G" in this town's name    Marlington is in Pocahontas County.
Med-BridgeMeadow Bridge    Med-Bridge is in Fet County.
MuntgumryMontgomery   Muntgumry is the home of West Vurginia Tayech. Submitted by Thomas Holdren of Ohio, formerly of Montgomery, Fayette County.
NarzNarrows    Narz is in Virginia.
Naugytuck Naugatuck   Naugytuck is in Mango County.
O'KillOak Hill    O'Kill is in Fet County.
Pahk CountyPike County    Pahk County, Kentucky is 'cross the river from Wulmson.
PahkvullPikeville    Pahkville is the seat of Pahk County, Kentucky.
Pee-droPedro    Pee-dro, Ohio is near Ahrnton.
The PlateauThe Fayette Plateau    O'Kill and Fetvull are located on the Plateau
Pupmum CountyPutnam County    Pupmum County is between Charleston and Huntington.
Rit-uhRita    The Rit-uh Mall is in Logan County.
River CitiesHuntington and Environs This refers to the Ohio, Guyandotte, Mud and Big Sandy Rivers in the Huntington district.    The River Cities forecast is . . .
Shady Springs
Shady Spring    Shady is the short name for Shady Springs. Submitted by Dave Robbins of Beckley
Skyline CityBeckley's Nickname Who knows the origin of this one?    They used to call Beckley the Skyline City.
SophieSophia    Sophie is how the old timers say Sophie-uh.
Sophie-uhSophia    Sophie-uh is in Raleigh County.
SpraggSprague    Spragg is near Beckley.
SwivickSWVCC - Southern West Virginia Community College    Swivick is up Mud Fork, but there's a branch in Wulmson.
TolsaTolsia    For the life of me, I do not know what happened to the "I" in this contrived place name. Tolsia was named after area rivers: T - Tug Fork, O - Ohio, L - Levisa Fork, and S - Sandy (as in Big Sandy). Route 52 is the Tolsa Highway.
Whal-MartsWal-Mart   Ahm a goin' upta Whal Marts ta git me some chaw. Submitted by Norma Holdren of Ohio, formerly of Montgomery, Fayette County.
WorshingtonWashington    Worshington is the nation's capital.
WulmsonWilliamson    Wulmson is in Mingo County.
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