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Speak Like A Southern West Virginian
People & Names

AdkinsThe most popular surname in Wayne County, WV.
BabdistA popular religious group found in southern West Virginia.
CarlosOften pronounced as Carless, this Spanish variation of Charles is used very frequently in southern West Virginia. It is particularly unusual due to the relatively low Hispanic population in the area.
A popular feminine name in southern West Virginia.
'EersWest Virginia University Mountaineers    How 'bout them 'eers.
LillyThe most popular surname in Raleigh County, WV. If you don't know someone named Lilly, you've never lived in Raleigh County.
Mr. CartoonJule Huffman's alter ego that retired (along with weather man Jule) from WSAZ-TV in late 1995.
Poca DotsWest Virginia's most unusual high school sports team name.
Roddel-oddelRod O'Dell's (WWNR Beckley radio personality in the 1960s-1980s) nickname for himself.
ShirleyThis normally feminine name is some times used for men (i.e. Senator Shirley Love, D. Fayette County & the late Rev. Shirley Donnely).
Another feminine name often used for men in southern West Virginia (i.e. Tracy Hylton, former Wyoming County legislator and entrepreneur and Tracy Vickers, former Chapmanville businessman).
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